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 Chippewa Boots  produces the finest motorcycle boots, snake boots, logger boots, and work boots in the world.  While best known for their motorcycle and snake boots, Chippewa also offers popular loggers and work boots in soft toe and steel toe models.  Thank you for finding us online. 

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     Golden tan boots and loggers from Chippewa in waterproof or steel toe models. Golden Tan Lace-Up Work Boot      Brown and Black boots in plain toe or steel toe and loggers which Chippewa has been making for more that 100 years are available right here. Vibram outsoles and body cushion insoles make these boots comfortable, durable and long lasting. Still lots of styles made in the USA also available. Chippewa  Wellington 29305    Plain Toe and Steel Toe Loggers by Chippewa  

Chippewa work boots Made in USA Steel Toe Insulated Waterproof Chippewa 25220     Motorcycle boots in plain toe and steel toe and black and brown crafted by United States citizens in the good ole USA. Motorcycle Boots 27862    Snake Boots-We think that Chippewa makes the best snake boot for men and women, the 23913.  It has two part construction of 1000 denier cordura and 10 ounce leather. These two fabrics give this snake boot 100 per cent guaranteed snake bite protection. From size 5 women to size 14 in men's the 23913 fits nearly everyone.  Good looking boots and snake proof too. Best Selling Chippewa Snake Boot 23913Snakeboots

                 Packers and Wellington Chippewa Packers Made in America by American Workers Packer 29408   (Size Chart)

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Chippewa boot company has been building logger boots for more than 100 years. Now they offer many more styles in plain soft toe and steel toe safety shoes and work boots. You may buy with confidence from Chippewa Boots.

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